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Alumni UniTrento is a community of graduates of the University of Trento.
The invaluable experience that Alumni have gained in researching and building their professional careers is a source of guidance and advice for those who are still studying. 

If you have graduated with a Bachelor’s or Master’s, or a 5-year degree, or you graduated under the previous academic system (Vecchio Ordinamento), or if you have a Ph.D you can access the Alumni portal  using your UniTrento credentials, or follow the procedure which will allocate you a username and password. By logging on to the portal you will be able to access the various services, review the opportunities available to the Alumni, and take part in cultural, training and networking events which the Community advertises from time to time. 

If you are a student, you can visit the Alumni portal  to explore the range of countries where UniTrento’s graduates have gone and what jobs they are doing.
For more information, you can write directly to Team Alumni at this address: alumni [at] unitn.it.