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The University of Trento promotes internships as an important opportunity to connect the university with the world of work.
An internship does not constitute an employment relationship as such, but nonetheless the procedures involved in setting up an internship, established by law to protect both interns and companies, must be respected.

Internships abroad are primarily managed by the International Mobility Offices through the publication of calls. In order to submit any abroad internship proposal/offer, it is necessary to write to international [at] unitn.it, with the exception of those that require a completely remote experience or based in a non-EU country. In these cases, registration in esse3 is required (https://www.esse3.unitn.it/tirocini/RichiestaAccredito.do).
For internships that take place completely remotely and those that take place in non-EU countries, the company is invited to contact us at jobguidance [at] unitn.it and provide data related to the internship (company name and student name, location/ or remote modality and period of execution)