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Companies can contact Job Guidance to organise events for meeting students and graduates of the University face to face.The main types of events proposed include the following:

Events involving several companies

Career Days

The University proposes once a year the Career Fair which simultaneously involves all the Departments and Centers of the University. Companies interested in participating can contact the Job Guidance Office via jobguidance [at] unitn.it (email)
Archive of past events 
In past years various thematic events have been organised on a yearly basis, in the shape of Career Days linked to individual Departments:
  • Industrial engineering day (career day for the Industrial Engineering Department) 
  • Placement day (career day for the Economics and Management Department) 
  • ICT days   (career day for the  Information Engineering and Computer Science Department) 
  • Placement day DICAM (career day for the Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering Department) 

Orientation Days for career guidance in the professions

These events involve one or more companies and focus on a specific job, profession or a particular sector. For information, contact the Office: jobguidance [at] unitn.it

Archive of past events 
In 2016 and 2017 the LAVORAREIN (LAVORAREIN) initiative was dedicated to exploring professional sectors of interest to the Departments of Humanities, Sociology and Social Research, Economics and Management, Psychology and Cognitive Science, the Faculty of Law. 

Individual company events 

Here the potential formats are customized and adapted to the needs of companies compatibly with the logistical possibilities available to the University. It is therefore advisable to contact the service in advance to agree on how to proceed.The planning of the meetings takes place on a six-monthly basis. 
The service normally manages the following aspects: 
  • logistical aspects (coordinating dates, times, locations, rooms, etc) 
  • promotion of the event 
  • collection of the CVs of potential candidates, where this is envisaged 
  • pre-selection of candidates for interview, and scheduling of the interviews, where this is envisaged 
  • presence during the event to oversee technical aspects and gather feedback  
The types of events which the University hosts:
  • Company Presentations
  • Recruiting Days
  • Assessment
Companies interested in organising an event at the University can contact the Job Guidance Office by email.

The companies we work with 

Here are some of the firms who have collaborated with Job Guidance in work placement activity over recent years (company presentations and other events). For further information please contact the Job Guidance Office by jobguidance [at] unitn.it (email)