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The role of Job Guidance is to help to put students and graduates of the University of Trento in touch with the world of work. 
In fulfilling this mission, the Office has been remodelled to reflect the values of transparency and give pride of place to people as individuals and the service provided. 
It operates across all the academic disciplines and courses of study offered at the University. Our main point of reference is Professor Umberto Martini, Rector’s delegate for curricular internships and placement.  

Each Department /Centre of the University may put forward one or more delegates for the internship and/or placement, whom students following a course of study in their own Department or Centre may consult: there is a list of current delegates in the download. 
In harmony with these objectives, Job Guidance offers various services and initiatives which range from job orientation to training and matching offers and requests.

Job Guidance: its place in the organisational structure of the University

The Job Guidance Office forms part of the Career Service Division, which comes under the Education and Student Services Management .


Head: Laura Braico

Placement Initiatives and Job orientation and Training 

  • Pietro Bianchini
  • Lorenzo Covi
  • Clarissa D'Alberto

Student internships

  • Fabiola Nardelli
  • Tiziana Purin
  • Daniela Taschetti
  • Manuela Arnoldo

Services Charter 

What is it?

The Services Charter is a document which sets out the range of contexts and activities with which the Job Guidance of the University of Trento is involved, and expresses in formal terms both the commitments undertaken by the Office and the rights and responsibilities of the users.  It provides a concrete example of the principle of transparency which inspires the University in its conduct and daily activities.

The origins of the Charter

A natural consequence of a range of reforms of the job market and, in particular, Legislative Decree no. 276/2003 (often referred to as the ‘Biagi law’) was the need to set out the commitments and responsibilities  in relation to users . Following this legislation, Universities were also included among the entities authorised by law to carry out activities as intermediaries. Through its Job Guidance Office, The University of Trento is therefore an active participant in the job market as well, and is directly involved in issues concerning its fluidity and efficiency.

To whom is the service directed? 

The scope of the Job Guidance Office’s activities involves two main stakeholders: businesses and the students/graduates. 
The term ‘Student’ refers to all those enrolled on an undergraduate  degree course, a five -year single cycle Master’s degree, a postgraduate Master’s Degree or a degree at one of the University’s Doctoral Schools. 
The term ‘Graduate’ refers to all those who have obtained their academic qualification by graduating in their course of study not more than 18 months previously. 
The term “Businesses” refers to all forms of undertaking or enterprise in all market sectors regardless of size, which operate both in Italy and beyond, including also public bodies, associations, foundations, etc. For these purposes, two Services Charters have been produced.
The current edition was published in January 2017.