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To assist students and graduates in deciding on their professional options, it helps to understand how the job market is performing.  
Some useful website to explore this area are as follows: 


  • ILO (International Labour Organisation)
  • AssoCamereEstero  (Association of Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad)
  • Camere Miste (Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Italy and Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad)
  • Eures (European Commission Job Mobility Portal)
To explore the profiles and employment status of UniTrento graduates, you can review the results of the research undertaken annually by the Almalaurea Consortium, of which UniTrento is a member, where you can see the employment status of graduates at 1,3 and 5 years from graduation:  http://www.almalaurea.it/universita/occupazione 
application/pdfAlmaLaurea_Università di Trento 2017(PDF | 649 KB)