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Various channels and services exist for students and graduates to make use of request/offer meeting-points, both for internships and job offers. 

Competitive Selection Calls for Internships

The University collaborates with various bodies to publicise selective competitions  for internships, both curricular and otherwise. 
Before submitting your application, you should read the requirements, end-user information and necessary documentation carefully, as well as the method of applying and time-limits for submitting the application.  Further information is available at the webpage Competitive Selection procedures for internships.

Esse3 Internships and Jobs

Having first logged on, at Esse3 Internships and Jobs you can access the area dedicated to this information: in the Opportunities section you will find internships and job offers listed by the companies accredited to the platform and you can apply directly on the platform, attaching your CV and a personalized introduction.
For each application submitted you will receive  an email of confirmation that the application has been sent and on the platform in the “My opportunities” section, you can review the offers you have saved or, in the “My Applications” section you can see the job offers which you have applied for. 

Please note: In Italy, job mediation must not involve costs for the candidates. On the other hand, it is possible  that, in other countries, costs may be charged to the candidate selected, for the work carried out: this University does not allow this type of job opportunity to be publicised on its announcements platform. Help us by flagging up any such requests for money or other anomalies, in order to avoid incorrect use of the announcements platform. For information, the firms participating are bound by terms of use.

Direct contact with firms accredited to Esse3 Internships and Jobs

On the Esse3 Internships and Jobs platform you will find the “Companies” section where you can review the firms which the University has accredited and research by business sector or by directly inserting the name of a firm which interests you.
Each accredited firm can publish a short description of itself, together with links and further information. In this way you can evaluate potential spontaneous applications, offering to undertake an internship or work experience.

Your Almalaurea profile

The University of Trento is part of the Almalaurea Consortium. Under art. 48 of Law no. 183/2010 and subsequent amendments, the University of Trento, in order to undertake intermediary activities regarding requests/offers of work, must 
  • make available the CVs of students, of those about to graduate and those who have graduated within the last 12 months; 
  • send their profiles to the Borsa Continua Nazionale del Lavoro, via the Cliclavoro portal.
Therefore the accredited firms can view and download the profiles of students, and graduates within the 12-month time-limit. The use by firms of such CVs is bound by a terms of use agreement.
Students and graduates are recommended to keep their Almalaurea profile updated. 
How to change your profile and alter visibility settings:

Career opportunities in the EU

Unitrento, together with 4 other universities, was selected by Epso (European Personnel Selection Office) as partner in Italy of the "EU Careers Ambassadors" Program for the 2020-2021 academic year. Overall there are 154 Universities throughout Europe with their own Ambassador.

Among the students of the University who have applied for this role, Francesco Rossi was chosen, enrolled in the last year of the Five-year degree course in Law: as EU Careers Ambassador of Unitrento he is available to students of the University with the task of promoting career opportunities at the European institutions.

Thanks to the UniTrento EU Careers Ambassador it is possible to:

  • be included in a dedicated mailing list in order to receive updates / informations on career opportunities in the EU. To this end, we invite you to write from your institutional email address to eucareers-unitrento [at] unitn.it 
  • follow the work of the Italian EU Careers Ambassadors on the social network profiles Facebook, Instagram EUCAREERS-ITALY
  • take advantage of an individual and personalized assistance service to answer your questions regarding careers / traineeships in the EU and participation in calls / selection procedures, by writing to the email address: eucareers-unitrento [at] unitn.it or via whattsapp at the number : 3398752569. Francesco is also available at the office number 0461-283740 on Tuesdays 9.00 - 13.00, Thursdays 9.00 - 11.00 and Fridays 3.30pm - 6.00pm.
This opportunity is therefore to be added to the placement and job orientation initiatives implemented by the University for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Opportunities not managed by Job Guidance

The University also offers various opportunities for internships or research abroad. To see what is on offer, view the Open Selection Calls  page .

The traineeship can be either in an Erasmus+ country or in the rest of the world .
Other bodies also offer opportunities: