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Job Guidance, working with the academic structures of the University, promotes opportunities to meet firms and businesses, in order to put students and graduates in touch with the world of work. All these events are published in the calendar, together with all the required information on locations, timetable, end-users and how you can participate. The following are some of the types of event the service offers: 

Career Fair 2023

The Career Fair is organised to provide the students the opportunity to meet different companies in one day. This year, the event will take place on May 17th in the Trento Expo.

Find more information here: https://www.careerfair.unitn.it/en

Registration for students starts on 12th April.


In past years various thematic events have been organised on a yearly basis, in the shape of Career Days linked to individual Departments:
  • Industrial engineering day (career day for the Industrial Engineering Department) 
  • Placement day (career day for the Economics and Management Department) 
  • ICT DAYS  (career day for the  Information Engineering and Computer Science Department) 
  • Placement day DICAM (career day for the Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering Department) 

Career guidance events

These events focus on a specific job, profession or a particular sector.
In 2016 and 2017 the LAVORAREIN initiative was dedicated to exploring professional sectors of interest to the Departments of Humanities, Sociology and Social Research, Economics and Management, Psychology and Cognitive Science, the Faculty of Law, such as Human Resources and Communication. 
Similar events are offered involving individual professionals or companies, often in collaboration with the University Alumni Service. To see the range of events planned, consult the calendar.

Individual company events

Company presentations
During these events, individual companies tell the University students about their own firm’s history, values, career structures and job possibilities..

Recruiting Days
Besides the company presentation, this type of event generally involves the chance of individual interviews with students. 

These sessions offer students the chance to get to know the firms and to take part in a preliminary selection procedure, by means of individual or group tests or questionnaires. To see the range of events planned and how to take part, consult the calendar.